I am a freelance copy editor and indexer who lives in Western Massachusetts. I started my editorial business to make my work life about doing what I love.  


My key focus is to ensure that your writing is expressed in clear, concise terms that make it easy for your readers to understand.


All writers who want to publish or present their work to the public should have the benefit of copyediting and proofreading services. Whether you plan to self-publish, find a publisher, or put your writing on the web, I can help you present your work at its best.    


I understand that many writers, particularly those looking to self-publish, may not consider copyediting and proofreading to be affordable. I aim to keep my prices reasonable and provide you with a supportive level of communication.           



Specialized Certificate in Copyediting—University of California San Diego Extension
    Indexing: Theory and Application course—University of California Berkeley Extension