Request Quote and Sample Edit



.015  per word



Light:         .020  per word
Medium:   .025  per word
Heavy:        I will provide you with a quote once I review a sample of your manuscript.



I will provide you with a quote once I receive a substantive portion of your manuscript.



Refer to Services page for specific scope of work for each category.


Prices are based on the type of service and level of work needed.  Prices shown apply for carefully prepared copy with a per page count of 250 words, double spaced. Otherwise, I will provide you with a quote upon receipt of a sample of your manuscript. 
Minimum charge applies: $35. (plus expenses such as postage or copies) 
25% deposit required.

Sample Edit

I will provide you with a sample of my work along with a quote of price and turnaround time, upon receipt of five pages of your manuscript. I work in Word, tracking changes and comments.


Contact me for a quote and sample edit at